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  • Kung Fu - Wu Shu

    Join a fun, progressive, full-participation class and learn exercises that will strengthen your mind and body. Learn skills while building muscle, power, flexibility and agility. Improve your awareness, self-esteem and confidence. Belt testing is optional with an additional fee. Uniforms are available for purchase, but are not required. Instrument and Sparring classes are available upon instructor referral. To register for an instrument or sparring class, please call 952-401-6800. National Treasure Kung Fu, Inc. is directed by SiFu Al Lam, International Master. Temple-trained in Mainland China, Si-Fu is a Hong Kong Champion and has over 35 years of teaching experience with youth and adults. He was the instructor of the University of Minnesota Chinese Kung Fu Club for 13 years and was awarded "Instructor of the Year" by the University Recreational Sports Department.