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  • Mannerly Manners® Escapade

    This class is way beyond please and thank you! Penn State and Duke University research shows social skills are linked to success as young adults. Learn communication skills, table manners, how to take a phone message, writing an impressive thank you note and more. You sign up for soccer, tennis and art; did you ever think to sign up to learn a skill-set that will influence your life more than anything else will? Mannerly Manners® is a leading etiquette source that will help you to polish social skills with fun interactive activities. Discussion format, engaging and fun role-play help you understand how to use the rules of manners to your advantage. Fee includes; small class size, individual attention, 49-page workbook/reference, folder to keep the many handouts that support lessons, breaks with snack & water, dessert meal and a certificate of completion. Parents, we invite you to participate in any or all classes with your child at no additional cost.
  • The Great Debate

    Develop core debating skills, improve communication skills and boost self-confidence. We will debate practice topics, argue funny opinions and play fun storytelling activities while we prepare for our final event: The Great Debate! Learn how to structure arguments, research evidence, deliver persuasive speeches and construct a rebuttal. Family and friends will be invited to the final Great Debate. Watch the Great Debate Trailer here.
  • Tonka Debate Training

    Interested in joining a high school debate team or just improving general argumentation skills? Join us for an introduction to debate as we learn skills from Minnetonka High School Varsity Debaters and a leading Minnesota debate coach. The camp will cover a variety of debate skills including the fundamentals of making a strong argument, weighing between arguments, critical thinking, and understanding both sides of an issue. Activities and drills meant to improve debate skills will be incorporated into the camp. Modules will also be available to teach debaters about critical issues that minority communities face. Middle schoolers and upcoming high school debaters will have the opportunity to explore the basics of debate and its place in social justice efforts. This camp is geared towards both students who have little to no former experience in competitive debate and those students who want to refine their skills. The camp will include input from various coaches as well as accomplished varsity debaters. We will be adding an advanced tier for returning campers and experienced debaters. Led by the Minnetonka High School Varsity Debate Team and supervised by Raymond Zhang, Minnetonka High School Speech and Debate Coach. Counselors are volunteering their time to keep prices low. A portion of the camp fee will go back to the MHS Debate Team.
  • Youth Debate Club

    Join us as we focus on skills relevant to debate, using games, activities and age appropriate topics. You’ll learn how to respond to arguments in an upbeat, positive environment, with an emphasis on learning to consider both sides of any topic or issue. On the last day there will be a Debate Match, where you can showcase what you’ve learned by preparing to argue both sides of the session’s resolution in teams, often in front of a volunteer judge. Please bring a water bottle and nut free snack.