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  • Growing Up: Parents & Sons Connecting

    For boys (ages 9-12) and their parent, or other trusted adult.Join health educators for a workshop that takes the mystery out of adolescence. Boys, along with a parent/trusted adult, will engage in fun, thought-provoking activities to learn about puberty, development, what is normal about growing up and parent-child communication.Growing up can be exciting, exhilarating, confusing and scary – all at the same time! Join health educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults for a fun and informative three hour workshop that will take some of the mystery out of puberty and the questions out of adolescence. Prepare to laugh, create, question, learn and grow – TOGETHER!
  • Joy of Braiding: Back to School!

    Learn to braid hair with your child for a hands-on, fun-filled class. The perfect way to get ready for back to school! The professional instructor will teach the basic techniques used to create cute and easy braids that can be used anywhere from casual school days to more formal events. The class includes the essential tools necessary to complete the look in a take-home kit. No knowledge or experience needed, just a willingness to learn and have fun. 
  • Teatime Camp

    At “Teatime Camp” children will discover the world of “visiting” in 1800s Lake Minnetonka society as well as the place tea played in it. Campers will learn from stories of Excelsior settlers how these pioneers brought traditions of the big city to the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Campers will spend the week learning etiquette and practicing their good manners, all against the backdrop of the history of Excelsior. All their hard work comes together in final day of camp as we celebrate with a grand tea!Monday: A new way of life Discover how life changed for the settlers of Excelsior versus the life they left behind on the East Coast.Tuesday: Fruits of Lake Minnetonka Explore the resources available to the pioneers settling on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. They will study the natural environment, the native peoples of the area and how resources were used.Wednesday: Creating a CommunityLearn about what it took to settle in Excelsior, and the steps that were taken to create a society. The children will learn through active play and art work the importance of social interaction and good manners.Thursday: Celebrating TogetherThe final day of camp is the celebration of everything the campers learned. They will use their best manners and enjoy the fruits of Lake Minnetonka’s offerings as they eat, drink, dance and sing together.