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  • An Evening with Jodi Livon: Everybody Must Get Stones

    Stones are conduits for moving energy. Learn how they can beautifully enhance your intuition, help you find your balance, and boost your mood. Insight into popular stones as well as intuition-building techniques will be shared. Jodi will conduct readings of randomly chosen audience members. Yes, stones can expand our intuition! Some people wear them in their ears, or around their neck and some use them for home decoration. Not only are gemstones, crystals, minerals, and rocks appealing to the eye, they have lovely energy, are delightful to hold and speak to us through the language of intuition.
  • Cardio Dance Jam

    **All winter/spring sessions will run Virtually, with live streaming** Spice up your workout and start to crave cardio. Our expert instructor guides you through simple versions of Latin dances (salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia.) This class is fun and accessible for dancers of all levels. All dances can be modified to low or high impact.
  • Contact Tracer Training Program

    According to the Medscape Coronavirus Resource Center, at least 44 states have begun expanding their contact tracing workforce. Learn the information and skills necessary for employment as a contact tracer in this one-month online course. Learn how to build rapport with cases, identify their contacts, and support both cases and their contacts to stop transmission in their communities. The course will also cover several important ethical considerations, including HIPAA, cultural sensitivity and diversity surrounding contact tracing. Course Objectives To introduce students to the field of Contact Tracing To provide background information on virus transmission To teach the ethical issues surrounding Contact Tracing. To teach communication skills necessary for effective contact tracing. To provide avenues for seeking employment as contact tracers. Course Outcomes At the end of this course, you will: Be knowledgeable regarding the transmission of viruses. Be familiar with the Covid-19 virus. Learn effective communication skills for contact tracing. Learn the steps for effective contact tracing. Be ready to seek employment as a Contact Tracer. The program is offered through a collaboration with LERN/UGotClass. Requirements Students must be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and have a general proficiency and access in technology. This is an online course, offered in partnership with UGotClass. Classes start monthly. Upcoming dates: January 4 - January 29, 2021 February 1 - February 26, 2021 March 1 - March 26, 2021 April 5 - April 30, 2021 May 3 - May 28, 2021 If you have any questions or difficulty registering please contact the Program Manager for Adult Programs at 952-401-5055
  • Contemporary Art: Styles, Ideas and Artists

    Explore contemporary art practices starting in the 1950’s and continuing today by studying the iconic works of artists such as Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry and many others. Art styles for consideration will include Pop Art, Minimal Art, Environmental Art, Conceptual Art, Performance Art, Appropriation Art, and Video Art. This is a virtual class (live streaming) being offered via Zoom.
  • Contemporary Sculpture: From Mid-20th Century to Present Day

    Explore innovative and experimental contemporary sculpture practices starting in the 1950’s and continuing today by studying the works of artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns, Eva Hesse, Maurizio Cattelan, Ron Mueck and Katharina Fritsch. Learn about the contemporary art styles associated with unique styles and approaches of these artists. This is a virtual class (live streaming) being offered via Zoom.
  • Dance & Yogalates Combo (VIRTUAL)

    Classes will be live streaming. Shake up your workout—engage every part of your body, feel empowered, refreshed, and cared for. Class begins with 30 minutes of easy-to-follow, fun, fire-you-up cardio dance followed by 30 minutes of a blend of yoga and pilates. Cardio, strengthening and stretching, core work, a big endorphin release, mindfulness, and stress relief—all in ONE class. This class treats the whole body: heart, muscles, tendons and mind.
  • Google Drive and Google Apps

    Explore the capabilities of this free web based word processing and spreadsheet tool. The benefits of Google Drive include the ability to share and edit in real time with others.
  • Growing, Harvesting & Enjoying Herbs (Virtual)

    **Update: This course will not run in a virtual format; not in-person as shown in summer catalog** Take the mystery out of growing, harvesting and storing herbs. Learn how these easy-to-grow plants can be used in landscaping for variety, pollination, cooking, decorating, and more! Course taught by a U of M Master Gardener.
  • Home Improvement: Planning Your Kitchen Remodel (Virtual)

    Looking for ideas on improving your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Learn about what to consider when updating your kitchen: How to make selections on cabinetry, layout, countertops, and the task of pulling it all together. Get new ideas to bring beauty into your home for years to come! This is a virtual/live-streaming class. Prior to class date, you will receive a link to access the class from the comfort of your own home. This class is held in partnership with multiple Community Education programs. Course taught by a professional in the industry, with over 16 years' experience.
  • Instant Pot® Cook-Alongs (Virtual)

    Demystify the Instant Pot® during these new LIVE classes! During each virtual class, you'll have the opportunity to interact with other participants and have your questions answered by the instructor as she demonstrates the preparation of the class recipes. Choose one recipe for your cook-along and watch a demonstration on the other. Chili & Corn Bread, Saturday, January 23 (3:30 - 5:30 PM) Recipe options are Classic Chili and Chicken and White Bean Chili, in addition to a mildly sweet Cornbread (based in oven). Pasta! Pasta! Bread!, Thursday, April 22 (5:00 - 7:00 PM) Two dishes will be prepared during class: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce and Macaroni & Cheese. We will also make a quick loaf of bread (in the oven). Homemade Falafel & Mediterranean Wraps, Thursday, May 6 (5:00 - 7:00 PM) Combine the Instant Pot with conventional cooking to create two nutritious and delicious wraps: Homemade Falafel and Mediterranean Kebabi Wraps, in addition to homemade pita bread and sauces from scratch. BBQ the Whole Year Through!, Thursday, May 20 (5:00 - 7:00 PM) Discover the wonders of BBQ with two recipe options: BBQ Pulled Chicken and Carnitas, in addition to a potato salad. Participants will receive a list of ingredients at least a week in advance of the class to allow time for shopping. If the instructor’s personal recipes are used for this class, they will be shared as a PDF. If recipes used are on-line, links to these recipes will be shared. Note: One registration fee for this on-line Virtual class can include participants from the same household only. Every attempt will be made to keep to the listed menus, however, given current circumstances, the instructor may have to make substitutions. This class will take place on Zoom, a free on-line software. Participants will receive instructions on how to access the class prior to it starting. As an added bonus, the instructor has created a private group on Facebook. Everyone will receive an invite to the group although joining is optional. The group will provide an opportunity for members to ask questions, share their own creations, interact with other participants and support one another in their Instant Pot® journey.
  • Modern Sculpture: From Impressionism to Mid-20th Century

    Learn about the most influential and famous sculptors from Impressionism to mid-20th century such as Auguste Rodin, Umberto Boccioni, Henry Moore, Man Ray and Alexander Calder. Explore the major art movements associated with unique styles and sculptures of these artists. This is a virtual class (live streaming) being offered via Zoom.
  • Planting for Pollinators

    Discover plants that go beyond "pretty" to feed pollinators (did you know 35% of our food supply is depends on pollinators?). Share tips on favorite plants, where to purchase, and the pretty pollinators that show up to nosh on their nectar.