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Healthy Emotions - Happy Families

Family Education -
2024-2025 ECFE/Parent Workshops ECFE

At Home Self-Regulation Program for Families with Children Ages 3-8

Are you looking for more calm and positive behaviors at home? This online, plug-and-play program teaches families self-regulation skills that help them better manage big feelings and disappointments in a calm and consistent manner. Parents/caregivers and children complete the 11 fun, engaging 20- minute online lessons together at home each week. Through interactive videos, digital books and scripted family activities, both parent/caregiver and child learn concrete tools that help them take charge of their emotions and behaviors in a healthy way, creating a more joyful and peaceful home.

Course registration includes:

  • Access to Empower U's online course with a total of 12 lessons, including 1 caregiver training lesson. Each lesson is narrated by “Charge,” loveable character that teaches self-calming tools and strategies
  • 11 digital storybooks that deepen the understanding of key concepts and strategies
  • At-home journal with activities for each lesson, helping families apply lesson concepts to their lives
  • Access to full library of video and audio calming tools and conversation starters
  • A certificate of completion (micro credential for 12 hours when done) 
  • 406-1 Heathy Emotions, Healthy Families

    Price: $ 75 00