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Swing & Ballroom Dance

Adult Enrichment / Dance -
Winter/Spring 2024

Jay, who trained under an Arthur Murray instructor, will teach you the East Coast Swing, Hustle, & Waltz dance steps, including the Under Arm Turn, Cuddle and Twinkle dance steps!

Jay, trained under an Arthur Murray instructor, gives individual attention in a group setting, something not found in every dance class. Review of the previous week's dance steps reinforces learning and helps you feel comfortable. Jay compliments all his students and is one of the best dance instructors in the metro area. Cruise lines around the world recruit him for his dance knowledge and skill. Singles are welcome. “Patient, fun, helpful, best instructor ever, and I want more instruction from Jay!” are a few of the students’ comments.

Jay Dudding

Trained under an Arthur Murray instructor, Jay is one of the best dance instructors in the metro area and is recruited by cruise lines around the world because of his dance-teaching skills. Reviewing the previous week’s dance steps helps students achieve success and feel (more) comfortable on the dance floor.

Jay compliments ALL of his students. “Patient, fun, helpful, and best instructor ever!” are just a few of the comments describing Jays teaching style from students. You’ll receive individual attention in a group setting. Singles welcome. If you are unable to attend class on your scheduled night, see Jay about other options or call him at 952.830.0062.

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  Jay Dudding

Minnetonka Community Education Center : 101 Gym
Tuesdays, Apr 2 - Apr 23
6:00 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

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