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Home Machines - Exciting Robotics & STEM Model Building

Youth Enrichment / STEM -
Winter/ Spring 2021

Have you thought about how a robot is built and programmed to perform to your command? How about operations of various machines like Kitchen Mixer, Blender, Drill Machine, Washing Machine and various others? Do you like designing, building, robotic programming, modifying, problem solving or just being CREATIVE? If so, join the internationally-acclaimed e2 Young Engineers ROBOTICS & STEM Learning Program where in every class, they teach you robotics & engineering concepts and challenge you to build a new motorized robotic and engineering models using patented building and programming kits from Europe. While building these models and programming their robots, students will develop logical thinking ability and learn scientific and engineering concepts like Kinetic/Potential Energy, Angular momentum, Inertia, Newton’s Laws, Symmetry/Asymmetry, Circular/Linear motion and various others.

Young Engineers Twin Cities

The highly-acclaimed, Europe-based company that teaches ROBOTIC & STEM concepts in over 40 countries is now in the Twin Cities! It is a problem-based, spiral learning program where students learn about new STEM and Robotic concepts in every class and apply those concepts by building and programming motorized models / robots using patented kits. This approach makes learning fun and easy for students to retain. Find out more at their website

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  Young Engineers Twin Cities

Minnetonka Community Education Center : 205 Excelsior Room and Classroom 213
Wednesdays, May 5 - May 26
6:30 - 8:00 PM


Grades   3rd - 5th

Price: $ 99 00

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