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An Evening with Jodi Livon: Everybody Must Get Stones

Adult Enrichment / Lifelong Learning -
Winter/ Spring 2021

Stones are conduits for moving energy. Learn how they can beautifully enhance your intuition, help you find your balance, and boost your mood. Insight into popular stones as well as intuition-building techniques will be shared. Jodi will conduct readings of randomly chosen audience members.

Yes, stones can expand our intuition! Some people wear them in their ears, or around their neck and some use them for home decoration. Not only are gemstones, crystals, minerals, and rocks appealing to the eye, they have lovely energy, are delightful to hold and speak to us through the language of intuition.

Jodi Livon

The Happy Medium and Intuitive Coach Jodi Livon

Jodi Livon has been a corporate psychic and intuitive coach for over three- decades and is a popular local and national radio personality. She’s been the resident psychic and favored guest on a popular television show in the Midwest, Twin Cities Live, since 2009 where she’s read national celebrities, audience members and animals, and conducted ghost investigations alongside nationally recognized investigators.

In addition to her work as an intuitive coach, psychic and inspirational speaker, Jodi has been a contributing magazine columnist and is the author of The Happy Medium® book series. She’s been interviewed and featured in a number of publications both nationally and internationally.

Jodi’s Happy Medium books have been included in the Four Season gift bags going to nominees & talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Emmy Weekend 2018, and Oscar Weekend as well as MTV Awards Weekend in 2012!

Her unique approach to her work appeals to a mainstream audience as well as the more traditionally metaphysically-inclined. She enjoys coaching and teaching empathic and intuitive people to harness their abilities and joyfully move through life.

To find out about Jodi’s next television and radio appearances or to see her event schedule, check out her website,!

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  Jodi Livon

Virtual Class : Online
Thursday, Apr 22
6:30 - 8:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

Price: $ 29 00

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