The Art & Craft of Floral Arranging

Learn the secrets of floral design to create everything from small arrangements to dramatic centerpieces. You’ll learn how to best condition cut flowers and how to select the best shapes and colors for an arrangement. Come alone or as a group and join us for one or all classes in this series.

Registration will close 3 days prior to the class start date to allow enough time to acquire adequate course materials.

Autumn Arrangement Using an assortment of dried naturals and seasonal fresh flowers, learn how to create a signature rustic, autumnal centerpiece. Start with a birch-covered container; finish with a beautiful representation of autumn.

Asymmetrical Bouquet Based on the essential spiral of the classic bouquet, develop this technique into more interesting shapes and textures. Working with the natural shapes of the materials, create a relaxed and quirky bouquet, bringing order and disorder together.

Tumbling Holiday Urn Create an overflowing celebration of the season's bounty allowing the flowers and foliage bend, twist, and tumble as they do in nature. Use an eclectic array of materials in your arrangement, pairing elegant blooms, branches, grasses, vines, textural seedpods, and other botanical accents.

Outdoor Winter Planter Learn how to make a beautiful outdoor winter container in this hands-on class. The class will start with a demonstration, breaking down the basics of designing, creating and caring for a winter spruce tip container.

Materials include: Rice Hulls (the stuff you fill your pot with), 12" plastic pot, Spruce tips, assorted evergreen boughs (pine, spruce, cedar), 2 pine cones, winter sticks, a range of festive foliages & all natural decorations, and wilt stop. Participants may bring their own decor from home to add to the pot (ie. ribbon, berries, ornaments, birch poles, etc.) and will be instructed on how to use them.

Marie Raley

Marie Raley is the owner and lead designer/stylist at Laine Moire Floral Design and Event Styling. Early on in life she learned to appreciate the natural aesthetics and overall beauty of flowers and greens. Her parents and grandparents are avid gardeners. Marie and her mom would go into the woods and pull grape vine to make wreaths. Her dad would take Marie on walks and teach her all the different trees so she could differentiate them by their leaves and needle structures. Every season the mantle was decorated with flowers and greens from their gardens and the woods. Today, she has her own gardens for fresh picked bouquets and children to take on nature walks. She is so excited that she can use her love of nature to design and style events.

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  Marie Raley

Minnetonka Community Education Center : 217 Deephaven Room (Large) and 220 Deephaven Room (Small)
Saturday, Dec 7
9:00 - 11:00 AM


$ 85.00
Outdoor Winter Planter

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