Tonka Tutoring

Unlock your full potential through one-on-one, personalized instruction. By identifying your individual needs, our private tutors are able to provide tailored tutoring services that align with District curriculum.

Whether you are in elementary, middle or high school, Tonka Tutoring will create personalized learning strategies to help students master their academic work and improve their confidence and level of achievement. Most tutors are licensed teachers who bring years of classroom experience to the program. They take pride in the personalized attention given to each student and provide encouragement, motivation and positive interaction.

Tutoring packages should be purchased after sessions have been coordinated with the Program Manager.  Weekly, 50-minute tutoring sessions are available in packages of 4, 8, 12, or 20 sessions.  

4 sessions $150

8 sessions $285

12 sessions $415

20 sessions $645


Tonka Tutoring